Utica Steam Boilers, part of the ECR family, has been a trusted supplier of gas and oil-fired boilers for residential and commercial buildings for over 8 decades.

Utica has gained the trust of contractors and homeowners alike through high efficiencies, ease of installation and maintenance and a limited lifetime warranty. Their line of products has earned an exceptional reputation within the industry for their quality, performance and dependability. Designed with the highest quality components, tested in accordance with the toughest industry standards, and assembled by a highly skilled workforce, Utica ensures that their customers get the best in heating comfort and value.

Utica Steam Boilers

With up to 82% AFUE, these boilers are the ideal replacement/upgrade for homeowners who are interested in comfort with years of reliable performance. The quality of the cast iron construction ensures durability and efficient heat transfer capabilities. Advanced corrosion resistant stainless steel burners deliver optimum combustion with quiet operation. With the help of an integrated automatic vent damper, the system prevents heat from leaving through the chimney, saving fuel and heating costs.

Boilers by Utica include: